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Yoann Richomme: “I am highly implicated in the design of the Figaro 3”

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Naval Architect and Solitaire du Figaro recent winner, Yoann Richomme is involved in several projects. The Vendée Globe is his Dream, Cape Horn his pending debt.

Why did you decide to sail single-handed?                                                                                                                         Yoann Richomme: I had been sailing on the Tour de France à la Voile for 8 years and I was looking for a more professional challenge. The Solitaire du Figaro was a good compromise between cost/challenge/fleet level. I only intended on doing it a couple years, I’ve done 7 but I’m taking a break now.

Is your Naval Architecture degree an advantage to compete?                                                                                    Yoann: It is I think, if you lack knowledge about the forces implied in making a boat go forward you’re missing part of the equation. I’m also implicated in the design of the Figaro Bénéteau 3 so I finally get to work with architects.

Do you prefer Inshore or Offshore?                                                                                                                                            Yoann: I don’t really have a preference, they are complimentary and I like going back and forth between the two. I have been sailing the Spi Ouest France few days ago with a crew of 12.

Finished your stage as Skipper Macif, will you still compete in Figaro?                                                                Yoann: I wanted to take a break from the Figaro for 2017 because I’ve been racing this boat for 7 years and it is a very intense circuit. I’ll be back in a few year, maybe with the new boat. The Solitaire du Figaro is such a great event that I know I’ll be back.

What do you think about the new Figaro 3?                                                                                                                             Yoann: I think that boat will be great, it will have all the elements to make the boat update and the foils will take it forward 10 years. I’m highly implicated in the design and I will be doing the validation of the boat this summer.

When do you think you will pass Cape Horn?                                                                                                                         Yoann: Maybe could be during the next Volvo Ocean Race if I can be sailing.

Is the Vendée Globe on your dreams?                                                                                                                                       Yoann: It’s definitely one of my dreams. It’s one of the last great challenges and finishing it is huge achievement.

What motivates you more, the Jules Verne or the Solo record?                                                                                      Yoann: Jules Verne, I love crewed sailing…

What are your immediate projects?                                                                                                                                            Yoann: I’m preparing the Transat Jacques Vabre on a 2004 Lombard design, we’ll be racing the Rolex Fastnet Race and a few other events to train as much as we can. I’ll be sailing with the owner of the boat.

Do you think you are skilled in boat works and brico?                                                                                                        Yoann: I can pretty much do anything around the boat that allows me to finish all the races I sailed in. It’s very important to get a full understanding of the technical side when managing an IMOCA Campaign.

Has DrSails solved any major breakdowns on your sailing career?                                                                      Yoann: No yet but I always carry it with me. So It’ll be useful one day

DrSailsYoann Richomme: “I am highly implicated in the design of the Figaro 3”

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