Video-tutorial: Windsurf emergency repair

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Are you a windsurfer? You might think you are in trouble if you get a tearing on a tail, but the truth is DrSails can help you fix it in an emergency situation.

First of all you need to identify the exact damaged area, then clean it up using acetone and a cloth piece, if you got some at hand.

Then, you need to prepare the overlapping material, the patch you are going to use to fix the sail. You will need two sides patches, an external one and an internal one, which widths will depend on the sail type and the winds behavior (from 2mm to 4mm, approximately). As for length, it should at least be 5 cm bigger than the area you need to fix.

The next step is to draw the outline over the internal patch, cut its perimeter and round the corners. Repeat the same procedure for the external patch.

Now it’s time for DrSails to take action. Remove the cap, level off the components and insert the nozzle. Now, apply DrSails over the internal overlapping area in zigzag, leaving 1cm to 3cm distance between the lines. Use a scrapper to spread the product uniformly, place the patch in the damaged area and apply some pressure to remove the extra glue.

You should wait around 22 minutes to repeat the same process for the external patch and to reinforce the overlapping borders, just to be sure. Wait a little more and there you go.

Check out our video tutorial. You can also get further information and detailed instructions here.

DrSailsVideo-tutorial: Windsurf emergency repair

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