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Video Tutorial: Jib repair

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You got trouble out there? A tear on a fiber-laminated jib can be scary, but DrSails is there to help you, as always. Check our video tutorial to find out how to repair the foot’s head point of a Mylar’s Kevlar jib sail.

First of all, spot the tore area and clean it up using acetone. Have a clear working area so you can be comfortable. Now, guideline the overlapping area and allow a 5 cm-margin on each side of the patch width and length. Then, draw the outline on the patch and cut it rounding the corners.

The next step is to paste tape around the damaged area, leaving a gap between the patch’s edge and the tape. Open your DrSails and insert the nozzle, so you can apply the glue in zigzag on the patch (leaving a 1 to 3 cm space between each line). Use a scrapper to spread DrSails uniformly and place the patch symmetrical to the breakage applying pressure. You can also reinforce the patches’ edges bonding auto-adhesive sailcloth tissue around it.

Now wait about 22 minutes for DrSails to take action and check the result!

Batten pockets and head point tears

You can also use this tutorial to repair batten pockets on fiber-laminated jibs. The process is similar, only faster. Apply DrSails after spotting and cleaning the damaged area, always in zigzag. Stick the overlap to the sail and apply pressure, leaving the excess adhesive on the paper tape.

If your problem is getting a tear on the foot’s head point, you can apply two patches, always using DrSails and a scrapper. After 22 minutes, hoist the mainsail and voilà! Again, you can reinforce the overlap edges by applying DrSails around the overlap’s perimeter.

You can also get further information and detailed instructions here.




DrSailsVideo Tutorial: Jib repair

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