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Unleashing DrSails, unlimited versatility

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Beyond the main features and properties (Strong, Flexible, Fast, Underwater, Easy Use, Clean, All Materials, Long Expiry Date) of DrSails technology, its versatility is perhaps the most important feature, making it unique in the market. No other adhesive on the marine market brings together the characteristics and properties in a single product. This unlimited versatility is not an accident: DrSails technology has been created by sailors for sailors.

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Unlimited is the wide range of materials DrSails can bond to, practically all the existing ones, whether rigid or flexible, allowing repairs on hard surfaces, soft and even in fabrics. DrSails sets on all types of fibers, leather, woods, metals, fabrics, plastics, cement, ceramics, rubber, glass, etc. Of course works also on any mix of substrates.


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Unlimited are the types of repairs, even on board, that DrSails solves easily. Its features and properties allow for quick repairs even in emergency situations. Its curing time is only 25 minutes, already reaching 80% of its properties. You can glue a sail without having to drop it, plug a hole in the hull or stick a broken steering wheel. No matter if the surface is dry or wet, even perform great adhesion applied underwater. Others have fixed their prescription glasses, shoe sole or a seam the sailing gear.

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Unlimited are the boat types we help, in addition to many other DIY uses away from the sea. All boats need to be cared or tuned, from an Opti to a Megayacht, and in any type of sailing both inshore either offshore. Can be fixed from the rubber daggerboard fitting in the box of a dinghy, the support of a compass, cockpit bags to keep it clean, a broken windex or a non-slipping strip on deck or on a ladder’s step.



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The easy way to apply DrSails, from the adhesives to the repair packs TRIO and SAILKITS, ensures that unlimited number of sailors and boaters trust on our technology. You do not need to be an expert in DIY or high skilled on repairs. Anyone can easily, just follow the clear instructions of all our products to do an excellent job. In addition, the application systems and accessories included ensure that all repairs are done in a clean mood.





















DrSailsUnleashing DrSails, unlimited versatility

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