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Trio is magic

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DrSails launches the new TRIO adhesive putty repair pack, composed of three references that optimize its application on any kind of materials. The TRIO also combines fast curing time and great structural properties that allow quick and safe solutions. The TRIO all-in-one presentation contains all the necessary elements and allows its mixture inside, in an easy, precise and clean way.

DrSails introduces the new TRIO, version 2.0 of the first generation of Repairs Packs, with important evolutions of its adhesive putty kits, with great structural properties, by mixing DrSails adhesive with the right amount of filler.

The new TRIO packaging comes with a four-compartment side-by-side bag that includes the two components of the adhesive, the filler and accessories. Getting easier as ever seen with all your needs: A spreader (you never going to use your Membership Card any more), our user-minded CLEANER (the first 100% acetone wetted wipe) and a pair of disposable gloves. In this way TRIO do not require the use of other accessories to be applied.

The adhesive putty is prepared without inside the pack without touching directly any raw product. Firstly the adhesive is made by mixing the two components (both resin and hardener) that are then mixed with the filler pressing the seal. The sealing of the different compartments of the bag prevents inadvertent mixing, but with a little pressure dragging the material into another compartment the seal breaks and can be mixed. Once the putty is obtained, the container is opened by the “easy open” side and applied with the help of the spreader.

The TRIO is available, as a new product released in 2017, in three references. TRIO ALL-ROUND Lite (white pearl colour thickener), suitable for all types of materials, filling work and surface finishing. TRIO FIBERGLASS is adhesive putty with micro-fiberglass filling additive. And the range is completed with the TRIO CARBON FIBER, with an additive specially created to work on carbon fiber.

Its rapid curing time and underwater bonding, plus normal work and repair, allow TRIO repair packs to be used for repairs under extreme conditions, even underwater. TRIO cured putty can be sanded, drilled, screwed and painted if required.

DrSailsTrio is magic

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