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The new DrSails Packaging

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This 2017 season we have present our DrSails products in a new packaging and not only to improve the look they have.

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All new packaging is more practical for buyers and also for resellers. Thanks to colour coding and labelling (blue for adhesives, green for SAILKITS and reddish for TRIOS) are seen before, are clearly identified and differ better from each other.

DrSails 10 and DrSails 25 adhesives replace the old box with a stand-up zip bag that can be hung on store shelves, in our stands or hanging pegged displays. These bags are reusable to save whatever you want on the boat or at home. Any little thing can be stored, from nuts and bolts to salt or knick-knacks.

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Repair Packs give a twist to our Pocket Concept. The mixes and preparation are made inside the bag.The TRIO bag has four sealed compartments, three with adhesive filler components (Resin, Hardener and Additive Powder) and a fourth with accessories (disposable gloves, flexible spreader and cleaning wipe CLEANER).


web TRIO LITE_102 web TRIO FIBERGLASS_101 web TRIO CARBON_01 Their size is compact, are flexible and also easy to hang in store or in any toolbox.


The SAILKITs packaging bag contains a POCKET adhesive and another little bag with the accessories (disposable gloves, flexible spreader and CLEANER cleaning wipe), as well as the piece of sailcloth duly        fixed inside to correctly spread the adhesive previously mixed in sachet.


DrSails new 2017 packaging is ecological, ingenious, lighter and extremely practical.

DrSailsThe new DrSails Packaging

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