Summer Gadget: FixClip

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A refreshing dive is what we mostly appreciate along a summer sailing day. The hot could be enough to dry our self, but usually lie on the towel and at the end we also need to dry it for the next use otherwise is too wet. Besides, when we are cruising for more than one day we also need dry some clothes.

The best way to dry towels, swimwear or any wet cloth is hanging it, and the best place is in the pulpits and hiking lines with a clip. But the standard clothespins not always are good enough due to their size and soft strength. While you are sailing, it is not rare to see any cloth hanged flying away, or also waking up in the morning and not finding anymore the swimwear in the pulpit. We all have suffered it sometime and can be a problem if you lost your only swimwear.

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Guardrail & pulpit eng lwlwlw

Our summer gadget is the FixClip  especially created for hanging clothes on board. It has a grip range from 5 to 32 mm for adapting to both pulpits and lines. Its closing system is secured by the fixing of the clip and it is able to remain hanging on with strong wind conditions.  VIDEO

DrSailsSummer Gadget: FixClip

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