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Spring Gadget: Snap Toll

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The boat is the co-protagonist in sailing activity. The boats are machines with many pieces that frequently we use during navigation. Tightening a shackle, securing a screw or easing a nut are common tasks on a boat. But also also open a bottle, cut a fishing line, open a zipper stuck by saltpetre or rust, fight against the clip of a canvas cover, release a nut or a screw, or open the cap of the fuel tank.

Davis’s Snap Toll Multi-Key  helps us in these and other tasks. We liked it and that’s why we choose it as our Spring Gadget.

Its handy size allows us to have it by hand with our POCKET / MINI POCKET adhesives and our TRIO adhesive putty repair kit. It avoids the laziness of looking for a tool in our toolbox if the repair is not urgent, or the problem of not finding the tool in a disorderly and abandoned box over time.

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DrSailsSpring Gadget: Snap Toll

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