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Not being used to boat movement and the unconscious stress of navigate are the two most frequent reasons for dizziness. But they are not the only ones. There are other factors that cause dizziness such as strong odours and a stomach badly prepared for excess or lack of food or drink.                                                 Getting sick is unpleasant, especially if we still have a lot to sail left. You have to be sympathetic if any crewmember suffers it, not ask him continuously how he feels. Worrying or being aware of him does not mean bothering him and reminding him that he is not well. Oppositely, we must try to distract and forget that this is a problem.

7 tips to cure dizziness:                                                                                                                                                                                     – Refresh with water the face, nape and wrists.                                                                                                           – Avoid being cold or hot and try to give fresh air.                                                                                                       –  During the day, with good temperature and calm sea, a dip is miraculous.                                                       –  Try not to have an empty stomach, to eat a little. Something light in small quantities and repeat after an hour or so. Someone said that white bread with sparkling water is the key!                                                      –  Olives, mint and ginger are effective.                                                                                                                            –  Resting on a bunk affects less movement. If the lack of fresh air it’s a problem, the cockpit is a good place to lay and even sleep.                                                                                                                                                   –  Steer the boat is a good distraction to overcome and forget the sickness.

 7 tricks to prevent dizziness:                                                                                                                                              We can prevent dizziness by taking some specific medicines or by using some solutions like the pressure wristbands. Let’s remember some other tricks.                                                                                               –  Do not get to the boat after a strong meal but neither on an empty stomach.                                                 –  Be well hydrated.                                                                                                                                                             –  Beware of hangovers and the effect of alcohol.                                                                                                            –  If it’s possible we’ll be onboard for a while before mooring off to adapt us the “sea swing”.                          –  If we are affected by the lack of fresh air or we detect that “we have a bad day” avoid get inside the interior until we are “confident”.                                                                                                                                         –  Keep the sight on the horizon or looking far away. Don’t read, use mobile nor a computer.                       –  Try to distract yourself and not think about possible dizziness.                                                                            –  Do not get to the boat tired because lack of sleep and fatigue favours seasickness.


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