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Red Socks, more than a lucky charm

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Something that began as a superstition ended up becoming a symbol for New Zealand. The Red Socks are currently a stimulus to achieve goals, however difficult they may be and seem like unreachable dreams.

All this started by the custom of Pippa Blake in including in the luggage of its husband Peter Blake a pair of socks so that they brought him luck in the races that he participated. A habit that lasted many years, and in 1995 it was transformed into a “lucky charm” for Team New Zealand. At Christmas 1994 Pippa gave him some red socks for the America’s Cup that was going to be raced few months later in San Diego.

The superstition was fulfilled when Team New Zealand’s Black Magic won all the flights, until Peter Blake was injured and can’t be onboard in the following one. Black Magic, without Blake or his Red Socks, lost that race. It was then decided that the socks were an indispensable amulet on board. At the same time, they became a symbol for New Zealander supporters, who also dressed them to conjure in favour of their Black Magic, while in New Zealand many people began to wear them until the end of the 1995 America’s Cup. From sailors to politicians they showed his support to TNZ with the striking red socks.

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Auckland welcome parade 1995

After winning the challengers’ qualifying series, as known today as the Louis Vuitton Cup, and then in the Final Match against Dennis Conner’s Young America the legend kept on growing and growing to the present day. Following the sad death of Sir Peter Blake, Lady Pippa Blake wanted to keep the spirit of the Red Socks through the Sir Peter Blake Trust Foundation as an incentive to encourage people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Such a precious amulet was always present for Team New Zealand. Special flags were hoisted at the base of San Diego and they were not missing in the hosting events that took place in Auckland after winning their first Auld Mug. The success that initially had the red socks to win the America’s Cup endures in our days. Since then, many popular charity campaigns have been carried out culminating with the Red Socks Day that is celebrated every July, 7th.

DrSailsRed Socks, more than a lucky charm

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