Projects to keep an eye and give a hand on!

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At DrSails we firmly believe that in order to fully enjoy our favourite sport we have to be aware about taking care of the seas. That is why we want to share with you three projects that aim to save the oceans!

As you may know, 75% of the surface of the planet is water, and if we want to continue enjoying it, we must make a great effort to take care of it. Pollution is a problem that has reached extreme limits and even more in the last two years, after revealing the real scope of the problem. There have been several projects that have started in recent years, of which we would like to highlight: The Ocean Cleanup, SeaBin Project and Recycling Technologies.

The Ocean Cleanup project is a non-profit organization that is developing a technology whose aim is none other than recollecting plastics from the world’s oceans. Therefore, they have designed a passive system for capturing plastics that, thanks to marine currents, accumulates plastics in their “floating nets” and then a collection system extracts the plastics from the sea. The plan outlined is ambitious since they aim to remove The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ( in five years, but they are doing an excellent job and surely they will be able to achieve it!

The second project is the SeaBin Project. It is often said that simple ideas are sometimes the best ideas and they have proved it. The company SeaBin Porject has managed to develop a floating bin with excellent performance. The concept is very simple, but at the same time very smart, since they use the dynamics of fluids to “swallow” all the floating garbage around it. In addition, the “SeaBin” are strategically placed in the dead current spots’s inside the harbors, so their effectiveness increases considerably.

The last but not least important project is the one carried out by Recycling Technologies, which has been able to develop a plant that transforms plastic waste, collected from the oceans, into industrial oils. That is to say, they have been able to close the cycle and convert the plastic, again, into hydrocarbons. The truth is that this technology is able to close the loop thanks to the previous projects. Point out, that every ton of plastic processed by your plant means a saving of almost two tons of CO2.

The three projects are very inspiring and therefore we strongly believe that everyone can make small contributions, for example: Try to avoid throwing waste that can reach the sea (often everything we find lying on the ground goes to the sewer and from there to the sea). On the other hand, we join the proposal to collect at least three pieces of plastic each time we go sailing, or at the harbor or a beach, i.e. we can even make easier the task of these projects describe above that are aiming to ensure the health of the seas!


DrSailsProjects to keep an eye and give a hand on!

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