Photo sent from the boat One planet One ocean, on November 15th, 2016 - Photo Didac Costa

Photo envoyée depuis le bateau One planet One ocean le 15 Novembre 2016 - Photo Didac Costa

Photo sailing with squalls this morning near Madeira island.

Phileas Fogg, Records & Vendée Globe

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At DrSails we think that if METS Trade is uncomparable between trades and Boatshows, sailing around the world is the ultimate in offshore racing. Maybe because of this they coincide in dates…

November is a magical month to search for records and victories around the world, perhaps because it was also November 7th, 1872 when the inspiring novel “Around the World in 80 Days” began to be published by fascicles, written by French Jules Verne, that not by chance gives name to the trophy that rewards to the fastest boat sailing around the world.

The Italian ocean sailor Gaetano Mura  is immersed in the record attempt on Class 40 Solo circumnavigation. The reference time is the 137 days that needed the Chinese Guo Chuan, unfortunately disappeared in the ocean few weeks ago while trying to beat another record from San Francisco to Shanghai. Although Mura and his boat ITALIA left from Cagliari (Sardinia), the reference of the record is established in Gibraltar, access door between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, that equals the distance sailed by Guo Chuan.

The massive media coverage generated by the Vendée Globe, left almost unnoticed the departure of Thomas Coville with his maxi trimaran Sodebo, seeking to beat the single-handed record around the world. His challenge is to improve the 57 days, 13 hours, 34 min and 6 sec that in 2008 established Francis Joyon. Interestingly, Joyon has also begun the Jules Verne record tentative in his IDEC Sport crewed by six. The maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire led by Loïck Peyron in 2012 holds the currently record with 45 days, 13 hours, 22 min and 53 sec.

The eighth Vendée Globe is called upon to pulverize all its previous records. Never before had there been such a high level of neither competitors, nor such favourable weather conditions in the first quarter of the race. With no stormy weather in the Bay of Biscay, generous trade winds, almost non-existent doldrums and a disappeared St. Helena high, have allowed a dizzying pace, with Alex Thomson leading the baton. Also another positive record is the low percentage of dropouts, which we expect with crossed fingers to be maintained until the end.

A few curiosities that could have inspired Jules Verne for the plot of a novel … Sodebo sponsors the Vendée Globe and also the boat of Coville; This one, is going to the hunting of the record of Joyon, that is also attempting the record crewed, and if Coville does not obtain its goal and Joyon reduces the time of Peyron, would have the around the world doublet for the first time in history: both records around the world – single-handed.

What would Phileas Fog, the protagonist of “Around the World in 80 Days” say?

DrSailsPhileas Fogg, Records & Vendée Globe

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