Adhesivos 10 y 25

Our adhesives 10 and 25 ml, DrSails core.

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The format of our epoxy adhesive was the second challenge of  DrSails  before starting their marketing. The first challenge was to create the magic formula and after overcoming his testing period in the three Around the World demanding races (Barcelona World Race, Volvo Ocean Race and Vendee Globe) it was time to think about its marketing.

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If the adhesive formula was innovative because of its flexibility and ability to bond on wet surfaces or even underwater, the next challenge was to conceive an innovative format that would facilitate its usage.

We sought a way to ensure the correct amount of both adhesive’s components and that they were mixed accurately. We also thought that it must be done easily, cleanly and without requiring other tools or accessories.

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After studying and researching different possibilities, we finally found the perfect solution. Our  double tank sirynge  contains the two adhesive components injected with a single button. The two components simultaneously enter into the  mixing nozzle, and on its way from the syringe to the tip of the nozzle will be mixing through its internal spiral.  


This is how we have achieved that either our adhesive or our application systems are unique. Both technological innovations of the formula and its packaging and manner of application. Thus was born our  DrSails 10ml   and  DrSails 25 ml .

DrSailsOur adhesives 10 and 25 ml, DrSails core.

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