New Year’s (Sailing) Resolutions

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Yes, we know, you’ve all decided you will quit smoking, sleep more, go to the gym three times a week or study foreign languages. But, have you thought about your New Year’s Sailing Resolutions? Here are some ideas we’ve listed for you, sea lovers. Just promise us you will at least try to make them true!

go solo1. Go solo for the first time

Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, it is time for you to participate in your first single-handed sailing adventure. However fun being with a crew is, every seafarer must experience the feeling of being in control, of having the sea at its feet and that feeling of pleasant loneliness. It is a great way of testing and improving yourself, but always be aware of your skills and limitations: don’t get crazy, do not try to cross the Atlantic on your own if you have never done it before! So, which will be your first solo experience?

Discover 2. Discover unknown waters

After completing our solo sailing challenge, another great step is to explore new horizons. The ocean is enormous and it is waiting for you to discover its deepest and secret corners. Get out of your comfort zone and join new ocean races and even transoceanic crossings. You can make your friends join you for a complete crew adventure!

techie3. Become as techie as you can be

The list of must-have gear to go sailing is enormous, but besides radars, sextants or plotters, which you can never forget, there is a bunch of new items to discover. Technology is a gift from the Gods, and if you change your smartphone regularly and update it with the latest apps, why don’t you do the same with your sailing gear? Discover smartwatches, smart sunglasses, flipbelts and tactical compasses. Designs (and pricing) is increasingly improving so it’s time for you to take advantage of it. Well, the thing is for you to get smarter!

Boat Paint Guide

Boat Paint Guide

4. Customize your boat

You definitely take care of your boat, keep it in shape or clean it deeply, so, why not customize it? There are currently great options to do so, from paint to vinyl for the outside, to fabrics and textures for the inside it. We know you don’t want to be like everyone else, so think about what represents you and capture your essence on your boat.

exercice5. Do more exercise

Yes, not skipping the gym is a good resolution here too. Sailing requires a significant body conditioning, especially if you take it seriously and usually participate in races and other competitions. You should be prepared for a demanding physical activity and to spend a long time onboard, so include strength training on your routine, as well as flexibility and muscle relaxation exercises. Training and doing other sports will help your health and also your record breaking!

6. Get some relaxation time

shutterstock_311302502Getting adventurous is exciting but it can also be exhausting. You might not own a transoceanic ship that costs millions of dollars, but being cozy onboard is just as important. Invest in leisure equipment for your boat and some relaxation time for you once you step on earth. What about getting a massage and a hot shower at a spa after a race? Or maybe just sit comfortably with a beer. Also, get a good sleep! Resting your body and mind is just as important as being fit.

learn7. Learn something new

Improving yourself is always satisfying. If you enjoy sailing, we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of new things for you to learn: from new techniques to weather forecasting interpretation. Join a class at an official school or training center and get new perspectives on the sport you love! Getting better can’t do any harm, can it?

Real Club Náutico de Barcelona

Real Club Náutico de Barcelona

8. Join a sailing club

If you are not part of a sailing club yet, you should definitely choose the closest one you have and discover it. Being part of a team will enable you to sail all year-round and to access training programs, get all the latest news and share your passion with others like you.


9. Take care of the sea’s wildlife and the environment

As a sea lover, you should not just be in love with the freedom of sailing, the water’s and sky’s blue, or just enjoy a sport and leisure activity. You should think about the beauty of what’s underneath, the incredible wild life that animals and plants have created. Try to take care of the sea’s wildlife and our planet, do not do anything that can damage the environment and the little creatures we share it with.

10. …learn to use DrSails properly!#helpmedrsails

And of course, what could the last resolution be? You’ve got no excuse, check our Tricks&Tips video section at and learn how to use DrSails. It can help you in so many different situations, regardless of you being a transoceanic sailor, an amateur cruiser or a windsurfer. Just shout #HelpMeDrSails and we’ll be there!!


DrSailsNew Year’s (Sailing) Resolutions

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