MINIPOCKET, little big adhesive

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After being announced last November, the new MINIPOCKET format is already available in the market and expands the range of high performance adhesives manufactured by DrSails brand based in Barcelona. Branded new MINIPOCKET becomes the youngest member of the DrSails’ family. The new MINIPOCKET has been created for a one shot use, offering a half volume alternative to the POCKET  brother launched last season. The new reference contains 5ml of our magic adhesive formula and is intended for those who require less than the 10ml provided by the larger POCKET presentation. This allows small repairs and saves money due to its cheaper price. With the new DrSails format you can glue the equivalent of the surface of an A5.


Faithful to the innovative POCKET CONCEPT  developed by DrSails, the preparation and use of the adhesive is done in a simple, comfortable and safety way. It is not necessary to calculate the quantity of both two components nor to use accessories to make the perfect mixture. The MINIPOCKET is packed in a double compartment plastic bag, ready to break its intermediate seal and mix both components from the outside without having to open it. After mixing, simply must be open by the “easy open” and squeeze the adhesive already prepared for direct application.

The MINIPOCKET keeps the properties and qualities of the adhesive technology created by DrSails identical. It has a great structural capacity, a fast time (20 m) of curing, gluing all kinds of materials including fabrics due to its flexibility, bonding to wet surfaces and even underwater. These qualities also make the MINIPOCKET a suitable adhesive for emergency repairs.

The new branded MINIPOCKET adhesive becomes the youngest member of the DrSails’ family. Its soft packaging and its small dimensions make them suitable for being carried in a pocket and have them ready for the action. In the chart table and in the toolbox the new adhesive are welcomed also


DrSailsMINIPOCKET, little big adhesive

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