How to save water board

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In our daily life we ​​are not aware of the amount of water we consume. Just opening the tap, water flows in abundance. During the summer, on board water it is a scarce and valuable commodity.

When you are sailing, drinking water can limit our summer cruise program, forcing us to visit a port to recharge the tank. Sometimes it deprives us from staying in idyllic places for going to populated coasts. Showers and washing dishes are the large consumption of water in a boat. If we want, we can save a lot of water by changing some habits. Here are some tricks.

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Shower  If after each dip in the sea we take the salt with a shower in the stern we are doomed to failure. If salt in our skin bothers us, just let’s dry with a towel after boarding the boat. The friction of the tissue usually takes almost of the salt. It is appropriate that the great shower of the day is at dusk when the temperature has dropped. Let’s go at the stern with shampoo, soap and towel. Before the last dip of the day, soap yourself properly and jump into the sea to get out the soap. After this, we can sweeten us with a little water. Do you know that two litres discharged slowly is enough to take away the salt of hair and skin?

Cocina lwCrockery  Significant water consumption is due to cleaning dishes, glasses and cutlery, but also pots and other kitchen utensils. A good way to save the precious liquid is washing them with salt water. After washing we can dry them with a cloth, much of the salt will be taken. But if we want more, then we can immerse the crockery in a bucket with fresh water and we will have it nickeled.


It is important to know the capacity of our water tank and calculate the consumption per person per day to schedule our route. If we live in an austere mode on board, supplementing the water from our tank with some big bottles of 5/8 litres will allow us to extend our autonomy.

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Although our boat also has a water maker we must also think about saving water, due to consumption of diesel and inconvenience to the comfort on board. There are few things worse than being anchored in a quiet cove and hearing the purr of our engine, the one from our neighbors.


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