DrSails Wet Notes, the memory that never fails

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Our  Wet Notes  is a notebook made of waterproof paper that allows us to write without any fear that water or moisture affects them. When we created it, we choose a small format (11.5 x 6.8 cm) because it is enough for short notes or memorandums that we usually need while sailing. Its reduced size it is also advisable to keep in any pocket unobtrusively, so we can always have it in hand when needed.

The notes and memorandums are either useful from boaters cruise to racers. From some wind angles to a grocery list, from a list of things to revise to that little detail that we do not want to miss when we need it again. We often think that we will remember our ideas, but reality teaches us that memory is treacherous. And do not think about using electronic devices, because the lack of battery, the danger of a sparge water that dips it irreversibly or moisture advise against using them in a boat.

1er octobre 2015, entrai,ement Transat jacques Vabre 2015, mono 60pieds imoca St Michel-Virbac, Skipper Jean-Pierre Dick, co-skipper, Fabien Delahaye

Maybe you can write in our Wet Notes with a pen, but to ensure that water does not erase the ink in our paper better do it with a pencil. A small pencil will fit inserted into the upper spiral of our  Wet Notes.

DrSailsDrSails Wet Notes, the memory that never fails

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