DrSails Pocket

DrSails Pocket, ready to hand

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DrSails incorporates the new Pocket solution into its range of adhesives, designed for a single use.
DrSails Pocket comes in a small plastic bag, which contains the exact amount of the two components of the adhesive, separated into two compartments, and comes with a small spatula.
The mixture of the two components is done without opening the bag. Just apply pressure and move one of the two components to mix the two compartments, mixing them from the outside with finger pressure or the help of the small spatula.
Once the mixture of the two components is even, simply open the bag and dispense the product to apply it.
Pocket has the same properties and characteristics as the DrSails adhesives range. The exact amount of the components, the ease of mixing it in the bag itself, without requiring other accessories for its application, as well as the small size, make it ideal to have close at hand, even in your trouser or jacket pocket.
DrSails Pocket has a three-year shelf life, maintaining the quality of being applicable underwater or on wet surfaces, and it includes instructions in seven languages.
See how easy it is: Video
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DrSailsDrSails Pocket, ready to hand

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