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To see boats there are many international Boatshows throughout the year and the world, but when we talk about accessories there is only one appointment: METS TRADE: 1,471 exhibiting companies and 15,500 (audited) visitors have beaten records of previous editions of this tradeshow exclusively for professionals of the marine industry, all of them to see the new products for the upcoming 2017.

The organization also granted his annually DAME (Design Award on Marine Equipment) awards, which recognize the best product and distinguishes the best of each different category, in addition to giving some special mentions, among the candidates that entry to the renowned contest. DrSails submitted its bid in 2014 with its brand new range of adhesives, then composed of three references DrSails 10, DrSails 25 and DrSails 265. The Jury awarded us with a special mention in the category Marine Equipment, Boatyard Equipment & Boat Construction Tools and Materials.

METS Panoram

This year, everything started on Monday November 14th when we arrived to Amsterdam from Barcelona. In approximately two hours our warmy autumn Mediterranean weather changed to a cold day with fog and rain. But under cover at the Amsterdam RAI we adapt quickly. We started to set up the stand “small but bully“, as we say in Spain. We wanted to give it a different look and assemble a composition with small woods on one side of our stand. But although our set up was original and different, the products on display monopolized the visitors’ attention.

Days, weeks and months of work were needed to design, develop, test and decide the new products for the 2017, the new packaging for the entire DrSails family of products and a few more things to be announced soon. When we’ll disclose them, you will surely like them, for sure.

We catered to many visitors. From the exclusive importers of DrSails who went to Amsterdam to dozens of marine companies, chandlers and professionals. It was very gratifying to hear the feedback of those who already knew and had used our products, as well as those who discovered it for the first time. His comments recharged our batteries, because the days were long, the interested visitors were not few and our explanations of the products uncountables.

Four days later, on Thursday 17th evening we flew back to Barcelona. We had been going home late at night, exhausted and happy.

Thank you all!

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