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DrSails jewels, CLEANER and SPREADER

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DrSails catalogue include some little but precious jewels like the Cleaner and the Spreader. These two practical and useful accessories are really appreciated by DrSails users.

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The CLEANER is an ingenious solution that enhances the DrSails philosophy of clean and easy repairs: a wipe impregnated with acetone that comes in a small sealed envelope. It is ideal for cleaning work surfaces right before applying our products and also for cleaning excess material after application, the working area or even your hands.


The CLEANER is available as an accessory and also it’s free included inside the TRIO, the adhesive putty repair pack (AllRound, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber) and even inside the SAILKIT Spi, Club, Race and Pro).

The SPREADER is a spatula suitable for applying our adhesives and sealants. It has square or rounded corners, and one of its sides is jagged to optimize product application. Its flexibility and small size (5×8 cm, 2×3.15 inches) allows pressure to be applied over small surfaces, covering corners and perimeters of the glue well. The SPREADER also helps you to clean up the excess of material after the repair.

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The SPREADER is available as an accessory and it’s also free included with our single use adhesive POCKET and our Repair Packs TRIO and SAILKIT.

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DrSailsDrSails jewels, CLEANER and SPREADER

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