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DrChef : Prawns au Gratin

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Impress your Guests

This dish deceives, because its originality, good presence and exquisite taste can suppose that it is a difficult recipe. But the reality is quite different: the ingredients are easy to find, have few and easy elaborations, and it is also cheaper than expected.

Ingredients (4 people):                                                                                                                                                      – 16 medium prawns                                                                                                                                                       – Salt, pepper and olive oil                                                                                                                                                    – Padano Mayonnaise (1 Egg, Olive oil, Grana Padano cheese).

Prawns can be fresh or frozen, but must be whole. If they are frozen we should defrost them in advance in the refrigerator, or in the kitchen at room temperature, but if we have very little time under cold tap water. Never defrost the prawns in the microwave oven.

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The first step is to peel the prawns carefully, keeping the head and tail together. Leave the end of the tail unpeeled to improve the presentation. Once peeled, we insert 4 prawns per metal skewer. Then salt and cook them with a drop of oil in the grill or pan 1 minute and a half by each side. We must be careful to turn them around to avoid breaking and separating heads and tails.

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While we heat the oven gratin, we prepare a mayonnaise sauce, adding grated padano cheese. Then put the skewers on a tray suitable for the oven, and cover the tails of prawns with a generous layer of padano’s. When the oven is very hot, put the tray at medium height position. We must be careful, and when the mayonnaise begins to brown we remove them quickly.

Four Tips: Cut carefully the prawns “moustaches”. Handle  carefully to avoid separate tails and heads. Cook very little in a hot pan (1 minute and a half per side is enough) or they will be dry after the gratin. If you use commercial mayonnaise better if it is  olive oil based, acidless and with mild flavor.

DrSailsDrChef : Prawns au Gratin

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