Best photos in Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image history

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The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image is a photographic contest that takes place every year since 2010 and aims to certify which is the best yacht racing photo taken during the year. Professional photographers from all over the world can participate and they work can be considered for two prizes: the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image (chosen by specialists) and the Public Prize, which is decided by the number of votes on the website and the delegates from the Yacht Racing Forum.

This year’s edition winners will be announced on December 7-8, during the Yacht Racing Forum, which takes place in Geneva. The trophy (and the €2,000 award!) will also be awarded during this event.

As Managing Partner and CEO of Mirabaud & Cie, Antonio Palma, said, this contest is “the visual expression of our passion for human relations, technology and high performance”. Check out the winner pictures from previous editions, which represent the essence of sailing and got to catch voters’ attention.

alfred-farre-gana-el-yacht-racing-image-a-la-mejor-fotografia-de-vela-del-anoLast year’s winner, the Catalan Alfred Farré, was recognized for a picture he took of boat Mariquita, during Puig Vela Clàssic Barcelona race. “Seeing a very good image of racing yacht generates very strong emotions”, he believes.



It was the American Abner Kingman who won 2013’s edition thanks to a photo he took during America’s Cup in San Francisco, capturing the moment when Oracle Team USA took the lead on the competition.


The previous year, the trophy was awarded to a photo by Kurt Arrigo (Malta), who captured the yacht Nilaya and the reflection it shows of the island of Capri during Volcano Race.


Thierry Martinez, a photographer from France, has the honour to be the only one who’s won Mirabaud’s contest twice, in 2010 and 2011. Curiously, both pictures represent special moments during the Moth Worlds.



DrSailsBest photos in Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image history

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