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Behind Sailing Energy : “My best picture was taken with my iPhone few days ago”

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These two well-known photographers joined forces to create the Sailing Energy agency and break the mathematics, as they have made 1 plus 1 count 10. Many of you know their photos and their agency, but not who are behind them. Ladies and gentlemen, with all of you… Jesus & Pedro, Pedro & Jesus!

 What was your link with sailing and how did you became a photographer?

Pedro Martínez: It happened through my father, who is a nautical photographer. When I was a kid, at home, there were lots of photos and nautical magazines all over the house. I started helping my dad editing his photos. Later I started to dock out in some regattas to help him. Afterwards, there was a race that did not hire my father because they did not have so much budget, and he proposed that I do the work at a much lower cost than him and the organizers accepted my proposal.

Jesús Renedo: I’ve been sailing since I had age of reason. When I was born, my father had a small cruiserboat and we spent many family holidays in her and in those who followed that one. Also, as a kid I began sailing in Optimist, Vaurien, 470 and windsurfing. Later one, I have worked as a deckhand and skipper many years. I always liked photography. Another hobby inherited from my father … One day I was asked to take photos of a regatta and it bundled: I loved it and I did not stop since then.

What goals did you have at the beginning?

JR: First of all, the technical challenge, because it coincided with my move from analogic to digital. Learn to take pictures of regattas, digital ones, and “develop” them by myself on the computer. The second one was to get in into the professional world of photography.

PM: Although at first I gave my photography priority, I had to combine it with any other work to survive. The others were temporary jobs that I had to change after the photography events. For years I gave out pizzas, I worked as a waiter, a salesman in clothing stores and fruit shops, etc. Then, since I lived in Madrid, I had the opportunity to work full-time for Santa Monica Sports Group, which was organizer football events and the Audi MedCup. I learnt a lot and from there I created my own photography agency, Yuppic in Madrid and also Martínez Studio with my father.

Do you remember your first magazine cover?

PM: My first covers were on “ABC de la Vela”, commissioned by Pedro Sardina during the Audi MedCup.

JR: Perfectly, in the Spanish version of “Yachting World”, about a X-Yachts’ race in Palma.

How many days did you spend in 2016 photographing boats and races?

JR: A lot, fortunately. I do not know the exact number, but it has been a very good working year for me.

PM: This year have been about 120 days at sea, counting with almost 20 days of the Games of RIO2016, adding events in Spain, France, England, Italy, Malta, the United States, Australia and recently I finished the 2016 in New Zealand.

How much does your photo bag weights?

PM: About 30 kg. I hate it when there is no lift to the pressroom!

JR: I travel with 3 suitcases weighing 23 + 23 + 15, a total of 61 kilos! In my hand luggage I carry the cameras and the laptop that weight 23 nailed.

What is the best photo you’ve ever done?

PM: Well, the other day with my iPhone I took a great fucking photo, ha-ha. Seriously I don’t know. I haven’t a favourite shot.

JR: A selfie that I took some weeks ago aboard a GC32 with the Sydney Opera House behind us! Hahahaha, just kidding. I don’t know … the one that most excited me probably was during the start of the Vendée Globe 2011-12, leaving the channel of Les Sables d’Olonne in the bow of the Acciona with Bubi Samsó waving the crowds.

Your best memory?

JR: The start of the Vendée Globe 2011-12 and the recent Olympics Games of Rio

PM: I have a very good flashback -sharing the press rib with Jesús Renedo in PalmaVela 2013. It was a delicate year for me; Santa Monica group ran out of customers and fired most of the squad. In Martinez Studio we only worked for the RC44 and we were waiting to renew with the TP52 RÀN. Jesus was in the helicopter the previous day and had aerial photos of all the teams. He asked me how we are carrying our deal with RÀN. I commented him that we still did not know anything and that we were somewhat worried. He only needed a second to offer me his aerial photos to help us to close the deal! That gesture surprised me a lot. I used to be a very competitive person, but that gesture helped me to change my thinking way.

What about Sailing Energy?

JR&PM: We started working together at the Sofia Trophy few years ago. The organization delegated everything about photography to us, and there we developed a methodology and tools to organize the files and folders of the ten competing classes. Then, we based on this system to create Sailing Energy, which as a “brand” appeared in the Santander World Cup 2014, where we went as free-lances. World Sailing hired us for the World Cup and Rio 2016. We can say that Sailing Energy is going well!

What would you highlight about your partner?

JR: He’s the best photographer in the world after his father. Honest and hard worker, very nice people.

PM: The most remarkable thing is that he is a short man with little hair, haha. Besides, he has a great personality, is generous and just. Jesus has a lot of self-confidence. He is charming, very hard worker, and a bit stubborn and can lose his temper if the technology fails.

DrSailsBehind Sailing Energy : “My best picture was taken with my iPhone few days ago”

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