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Are we what we eat?

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It is not necessary to say that for living, besides sailing, we need to eat and drink. But eating is more than a simple biological necessity. If you do not like eating, do not continue reading.

Eating well does not involve sophisticated recipes, luxury restaurants or exorbitant bills but to achieve that the diary meals are from a worthy quality. For achieving it, it is important the good quality of the food and cooking them properly.

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Do we rest correctly after sleeping in a terrible mattress? Neither cooking if we do not have the proper utensils. It seems that many sailors forget about it when they are enjoying a cruise with the family or friends.

This time we do not want to present you different recipes, maybe next time. But we want to refresh you few practices to improve your cooking onboard.

The oven

The on board oven has more advantages than an extra space to store the cooking pots. By cooking with the oven we do not have to be aware of the firing, just sometimes verify that everything goes correct and the exact firing point. With the oven we do not dirty many cooking utensils and it also allows us to sail while cooking. In addition, we avoid odors and possible accidents when the boat heels or smashes.


Eating meat on board is not forbidden. Roast it at the barbecue is one of the best ways to cook it. If we do it anchoring in a cove we are going to arousal passion between our neighbours. Fresh fish roasted at the BBQ is another God’s delicacy, especially if we have fished it personally. Some BBQ models permits using it while sailing.

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Indispensable cooking utensils

A boat and especially the kitchen boat, has little space to store. It is very important to choose he correct utensils. With out a screwdriver we cannot put screws, without the proper utensils, cooking will be hard and annoying. Cooking well does not require many gadgets, but the adequate ones. If they are from good quality allows cooking better the aliments. We want to make the following proposals for you to have a Cooking kit that allows us to cook almost everything.

Frying pans, one small/medium and another one medium/big. Better to have them from die-cast aluminium, and if it is possible with removal handle for also using them at the oven.

If we can just have one pot, better to have a pressure cooker, which permits us use it as a traditional one or to accelerate some firing times as boiling water for pasta.

We will also need some serving dishes that can be used either in the oven or at the table. We recommend having the spatulas, forks and spoons from wood, plastic or silicone so we do not scratch the pans or pots.

A strainer for draining the pasta, rice, vegetables or any other aliment that we boil. A pair of saucepan, small and medium size so we can cook or heat sauce, boil eggs, etc.

Appropriates knives helps cooking, better to have few but good ones. Combine sizes and also include a knife sharpener. Four well-chosen knives of different size and type are enough for an authentic chef. Be aware that a bad sharped knife is useless and also very dangerous.

Do not forget the kitchen cloths, oven gloves neither kitchen paper close… but more over, cooking has to be fun and not a torture.

It is worth it. Friends and Family will be grateful.

DrSailsAre we what we eat?

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